A Little Throwback To When I Loved My Comfort Zone

In 2016, I started rediscovering myself. In all honesty, I wish I had started much earlier, but I am thankful that I didn't have to wait for much longer. It's been a very long journey filled with growth, learning, unlearning, challenges, love, tears and much more.

Sometimes, I look back and wonder what I was using my mind for; whether I was thinking at all. I was growing okay physically, but moving at snail speed spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. I just went along with the flow, doing nothing to consciously move forward, doing nothing intentionally, I wasn't even preparing for my future, and I was in my final year. Wow! Beats me too.

I look back and I am proud. I have come a very long way from where I used to be. Of course, during the past three to four years, going through the motions of growth, it didn't really feel like it, but now, I see tremendous growth. I definitely still have a long way to go, and I really look forward to seeing myself grow beyond …

Creamy Chicken Soup For The Soul. RECIPE :)

Time: 11:13 am
Feeling: Cold

Over the weekend, I made some creamy chicken soup for myself and my brother.

When I was in Uni, it was something I always made, because it's super easy to make. However, there were two things I didn't like in all the soups I made: they were always so flipping thick, and there were always surprises (lumps). This time around, I did things differently.

I made use of some:
Leftover chicken bbq,
10 green beans
2 sausages
5 small carrots
2 eggs (whites)
2 and a half tablespoons of flour
1 garlic clove
1 onion.
1 tablespoon of margarine.
2 Seasoning cubes.
Some evaporated milk

Pretty basic ingredients. I know, right?

So, first things first:

Shred your chicken.

Slice your sausages into circles, they shouldn't be cut so thinly.

Wash your carrots and slice into thick circles.

Boil your carrots for 5-6 minutes. I boiled my carrots and eggs in the same pot. When the carrots were just right; somewhere in between soft and crunchy, I took them out a…

Healthy Lunch or Junk? Meal Prep For Work.

Time: 9:36 am
Feeling: Full and sleepy

I'm at work. Just had breakfast, and I feel soo full and sleepy. I wonder if I'll be able to eat lunch. Yeah, I brought lunch to work, and that's what I actually want to talk about.

If you know me, one thing you should know is that I'm big on saving money and cutting down on unnecessary expenditure as much as I can. Lol, but as much as I do this, I like to enjoy myself once in a while; I just go "Lois, just spend this money, na one life".

When I started working, in 2017, I found out that I did not like buying junk for lunch, for two major reasons:

It was very unsatisfying, gosh! I'm not a big eater at all, I usually eat small helpings of food, but this just didn't cut it. It was usually a drink and biscuits and some candy.It was really expensive! It didn't seem like it, but it was! For something that's absolutely not filling. I eventually decided to try to take lunch as much as I could. I don't think I …

On Forgiveness: Who are you to hurt me?


Wow, it's been ages! A month, I think. To be honest, I really wanted to write, but I had absolutely nothing to write, or so I thought. I actually had a whole lot of ideas in my jotter. I'll be reeling them out as time goes on. I'm excited.

I have had this post as a draft for over a month, I was super excited when I was writing it, but for some reason, the momentum dropped, and I never got around to posting it, possibly because it's umm quite, umm sensitive? I think that's why, but I figured this is my blog and I am allowed to have and share my opinions here.

Here goes.

I just woke up from the bed. It's 9:33am and I am about to say something super daring. If my husband ever cheats on me, by the grace of Jesus Christ, I will forgive him. 
I have been thinking about this for a while now. And it's safe to say, that I have concluded that I will forgive him. I'm very sure it won't happen lol, and I am super sure of my loyalty, so it's not a qu…

Handwritten letters and Gifts (unasked for)

Time: 9:11am
Feeling: very calm.

I was supposed to write on Monday, but I was a bit down. So, here I am, writing. I didn't plan to talk about this topic today, but someone wanted me to. So here it is. Plus I noticed more people read about relationships than other areas on this blog. Anyhoo, let's go.

I love letters. The idea of them, the reality of them. I just love letters. I think they are a very personal way of communicating. I also like them because, if kept well, they can be read many years down the line, and the couple would have silent happy tears rolling down their cheeks. Every cute text I've ever gotten from the time we started talking till now has been written in a book, and I like that I can easily open a book and find them all there, and they've not gotten lost in the sea of other texts. I can just imagine us reading the book 50 years down the line, or this book even outliving us.

I also love small notes, could be because I like writing, or because I'm …

A Note To a High and Mighty Christian

Time: Sometime this morning

Oh dear Christian,
You think too highly of yourself,
Acting all high and mighty,
Forgetting it was grace that saved you.

You think you were deserving?
He looked on you with mercy,
And considered you worthy,
Even when you thought yourself unworthy.

Now, you are saved,
You look down on every unsaved person
Thinking you are better,
After all, you are God's beloved.
You err.

Have you forgotten what the Holy Book said,
About love?
About pride?
About grace?
About kindness?

You seem to have forgotten
The meaning of grace so soon.
Unmerited favor,
That is grace.

The Bible also says,
He that thinks he stands,
Let him take heed, lest he falls.

You may soon fall from your high and mighty,
Then, you will remember Grace.
And you will see the beauty of love.

In my Christian journey, I keep learning about Kindness (something I never thought much about until quite recently). I used to be such a judge, feeling some level of authority, (and it was not the aut…

How are you always happy?

Time: Wrote this yesterday evening
Feeling: Sleepy

Why would anyone think I am always happy?!  Because I am always smiling on Instagram?    Because?  Because?  Because?  I have no other seemingly valid reason as to why anyone would think I am always happy. I have contemplated several times taking a selfie while I cry as proof to show I am a big crier and I get sad a lot. I really do want to do that, but it'll be weird, wouldn't it?  Why should it be weird?  Posting a picture of me crying like a normal person. Sigh* I dunno. I really would like to be very true on my Instagram, but I can't go posting pictures with snot, tears and red eyes.  Not once,  not twice,  not thrice, countless times, I've been asked, "why are you always happy?" I don't get it. I know how to fake smiles or laugh as though I mean it. I just did it now. Smiling makes me prettier (obviously), which is why I have to take pictures of me smiling. I'm not saying I'm a sad person or a…